Social Group Rules

Hi new members ?

GuitarTalk originally started at as a way to get advice from one another as well as to SWOP, GIVE AWAY or SELL guitars, amps, etc.

This community has some of the country’s TOP guitar builders, importers and specialists as well as a number of local store owners. So the wealth of knowledge here is incredibly high! Feel free to tap into or add to this knowledge pool. ?



  1. Rule number 1 is: BE NICE! We have kids, adults, men, ladies & all ethnicities. So please be considerate when posting ?
  2. All sales need to be conducted in private and not on the group. Guitar Talk and all our members, sponsors, admins and otherwise associated people and entities will NOT be held liable/responsible for- nor mediate in- private sales.
  3. Questions, posts and discussions relating to guitars & music are allowed and encouraged.
  4. Update posts of your guitar builds, amp builds, album recording, band progress, etc are encouraged.
  5. Please do not post any profanity/jokes/humour/porn. I am sure we have all had enough or are part of those kinds of communities already.
  6. These rules will be updated from time to time. It’s up to you to check the rules before posting. You can find the latest version of these rules here:

Have fun and enjoy the company of like minded individuals who love guitar!

As an intro, please could you let us know what guitars you have & possibly photos (some background to who you are is also welcome ?).