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If you have awesome content that people will enjoy reading, you can share it in one of two ways.

  1. One way is just "member content". You go ahead and post about it like any other member and leave out any, "Contact me on ____ to start your custom build" kind of stuff. Any promotional talk will have to be left off. Just think of it as sharing with your friends. This is free and then we'll post what we like into the newsletter. (If anything.)

    With this option, people will need to click your name to see your contact info. The extra step normally means you lose out on eyeballs and prospects. And you can't specifically say, "Click my name to get my contact details." That's for them to decide to do. It's very passive marketing. But otherwise, it's 100% free and appreciated by us and our members.

  2. Second way is "sponsored discussions." This is the same as above but you pay R250 a month per discussion and, for that, you get to also have links, calls to action, etc. Your discussion will also carry a "sponsored" tag so people can see that you're paying for the privilege of being able to use marketing talk, calls to action, etc in the discussion. (We'll do the billing using PayFast as it removes the admin for us both.)

    With this option, you could use one discussion to talk all about your latest projects on a daily, weekly, monthly or whatever basis. It would just cost the same R250 a month. Or you could have a different discussion for each build, and then each is R250 a month.

    Also, your sponsored discussion goes into the newsletter as a featured article 4 weeks in a row. Beyond that initial newsletter coverage, you'll need to pay another R250 to be featured again. (Not recommended immediately. Wait a month. Otherwise people get "blind" to the content if it's always there.)

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