Community Advertising

PSAs or: Free Advertising with GuitarTalk

If you’ve just launched your business or you’re about to launch a new product line, send us a message (below) with “just the facts, please” and we’ll add a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to the community announcing you or your product.

And if our forum members ask questions in the discussion, you’re welcome to sign up and answer them, as long as you do it in a “just the facts, please” kind of way. No marketing or sales talk.

Paid Advertising

If you want to do something more with us, we have options:

  • A competition with a sponsored prize. (Free for a limited time. But the prize has to be good!)
  • A sponsored discussion. (Rent a whole discussion on a monthly basis. Rules and limitations apply.)
  • Weekly newsletter advertising.
  • Monthly banner advertising.And we’re open to new ideas and partnerships, as well. Contact us below to start the conversation.

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