Social Groups

Looking to meet and talk to like-minded guitarists and guitar lovers? Join us:

The ORIGINAL Online Forum
This is a TREASURE TROVE of guitar info. Almost any question that you can think of has been answered here. Click "Search" at the top to quickly find our 10+ years of evergreen tips, tricks, guitar builds and more.

The Facebook PAGE
Here you can find some of the content from our main website and forum. Very low noise.

The WhatsApp Group
Usually you can get an answer here quite quickly although it does depend on how many people are "on their phones" at the same time. And sometimes you might need to post your question again the next day or after a few hours when people are paying more attention.

The Facebook GROUP
Already on Facebook? Don't have time to check another website? Post your items for sale here, ask any questions, post pics of your gear and so on.


Due to the WhatsApp notifications being (potentially) annoying, we recommend that you "mute" the notifications to this group by following these steps:

1 - Touch the group's name

2 - Select mute

3 - Select the time period you want to mute the group.